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If you're looking for internet content that is connected to me in some way, this site is the place to find it. I've also placed links here to a variety of useful things online, which people commonly ask me for or seem to need.

I've been very busy lately with new websites, and have recently launched several attractive new sites. I happily have had several opportunities to develop sites pertaining to the music business and the visual arts - and the new sites include some in each of those areas:

In the visual arts, I've engineered a beautiful looking and technically advanced site, ImagineLtd, to highlight and sell the artwork of painter, DeWitt Whistler Jayne (a descendant of the famous Whistler). The site displays a wide variety of Mr. Jayne's gorgeous artwork, with a multitude of photos on the pages, linked via java scripting to eye-catching pop-up enlargements. The site also features an easy to use and attractive navigation system with custom scripted rollover links, which are intended to provide functional links across a ubiquitous variety of browsers and platforms (Internet Explorer, Netscape, PC, MAC, etc.)

The ecommerce site that I created for catalog knitting, weaving and spinning supplies retailer, The Web·sters, has been extraordinarily successful over the past year, generating substantial numbers of online sales from around the world, including many markets that were not previously accessible to the company. Due to that success, The Web·sters now has decided to redirect the emphasis of their business, trimming back from four mail order catalogs a year to just one, while providing quarterly updates to their catalog via their website instead, and also are expanding their ecommerce business by doubling the size of the already extensive online store on their website.

Among my music industry website creations is the Rogue Valley Chorale site. It features a colorful theme and matching Macromedia Flash animated navigation system, frames, a great Fireworks sliced-and-diced (for quick loading) photo of the entire Chorale on the home page, and a password-protected members-only area containing notes to the members from the director, a membership directory with email links and other content that assists the Chorale.

Yet another of the music business websites I've created was for jazz stylist Laura Taylor. Laura's site includes sample audio clips from her recordings in both REAL streaming audio and non-streaming CD-quality MPG formats. Her site also features secure online credit card ordering with a form that I set up, using a combination of java script for handling calculations and cgi script for form administration and data management. To preserve the security of credit card data, Laura's orders are transmitted via a secure server and saved to a password protected file which is accessed via a secure server. (Note that the form does not send order info via email, which would be a serious no-no, since emailing orders would compromise the security of the credit card data).

Another music-related site I created which just keeps on growing is the online shopping site for Christian record company, Sonrise Music. This is one of numerous sites I have developed which include a complete online shopping cart purchasing system. Though the look of this site was entirely dictated by Sonrise management and is not exactly my "cup of tea", the company reports that their online sales have been brisk and are a boon to their somewhat esoteric recording business. The site includes an option to enter via a Flash intro page featuring an interesting animation, a pseudo audio-playing car radio, and functional channel buttons. Recently added to the site was a new area dedicated to the vintage Christian music radio program produced by Sonrise Music in the 1970's, which presents two installments of the program online in streaming Real audio.

The Westminster Presbyterian Church site I created, with an easy-to-get-around java scripted navigation system, continues to expand. The site now includes REAL streaming audio of their weekly Sunday sermons, beginning February 2001.  The music area has been enhanced, including the Choir page which now contains a photo of the entire choir with mouse rollover ID's of the members. There also are several pages for the Handbell Choir including Handbell playing online, through the use of Shockwave.

Another site I've developed is that of Hempler's B.B. Meat & Sausage Co. -  a simple but attractive site that introduces the company and its products, provides cooking instructions and recipes, and informs visitors where their products can be purchased.

Also recently completed is a site emphasizing an industrial engineering look and product line, for Mueller Gages Company. This site presents the comprehensive catalog of gage related products manufactured by Mueller Gages, with superior quality photo displays, descriptions, and other aids for prospective customers looking for such instruments.    

Returning to music business websites, the DA-ROC site I created (working solo, in less than 24 hours), featuring a def Flash animation, plus audio clips in both streaming REAL audio and CD quality MP3, has been getting traffic and generating quite a following for Rap singer, Da-Roc. His record label is currently negotiating to have me add streaming music video to the site.

For another a music related website, Grammy winning tres guitar player, Nelson González, who performs with Gloria Estefan, Marc Anthony and other music superstars, recently sought and received technical assistance from me in setting up his web site, nelsongonzalezonline. My work for Nelson also included producing the audio samples (including streaming Real Audio) of his recordings that are provided on his web site, creating some interesting Flash animations, and prepping some of the graphics used on his site. 

Stay tuned, as I am currently busy working on several more new sites, which will be announced here as they are completed. Those now under construction include:

  • a graphically interesting and attractive site for Seattle's largest photocopying and reproduction business, The Copy Company
  • a graphically attractive site for transportation industry advertising company, Colorgraphics, Inc.


  What People Are Saying
     Unsolicited comments

"We're delighted with the website you created for our Chorale.... It has gathered unanimous kudos for the ease with which we can navigate the site, it's appearance, the speed with which it loads, the effective use of pictures, and the easily reached wealth of information. The effective use of User ID's and Passwords allows us to not only utilize the site for marketing the Chorale and informing our patrons, but to provide "private" information and resources for members of the Chorale. The comments from our members include "a beautifully designed site", "BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! Nice job on the Chorale web site", and "one of the easiest websites I've used". We couldn't be more pleased."

Charleen Fike
Board President, Rogue Valley Chorale

"At The Web.sters, we're very pleased with the website you designed for us. The site is very effective and fulfills all of the goals we set. With your assistance, we have been able to successfully engage in e-commerce from our website, enabling us to expand our catalog and storefront sales business so we now are selling our products over the Internet. You created a site for us that is very attractive and receives many compliments from our customers. It is quick to load, easy to get around, and permits our customers to easily place orders for our products over the Internet. The professional design and ease of use enhances the positive image of our company that we have carefully nurtured in all of our marketing efforts."

Dona Zimmerman
President, The Web.sters

"A quick word of thanks for all your efforts on my www.hillviewmusic.com web site over the past few months. I am very pleased with the web site and am getting quite a few compliments on the site from friends but also from music industry people. I have appreciated your responsiveness on issues that have come up. . . . 

Again thanks for the great site and hard work!"

Steve Massey 
Hill View Music

"You have created a site for us which meets all of the goals we set. It is quick to load, easy to get around in, attractive, and offers lots of links accessing real estate services and resources outside our site, without leaving our site. The individual property listings, with multi-page capabilities for visual tours of each property and confidential inquiry forms for direct contact to the listing agents, make it very useful in-house as well as in its role as a marketing tool. The professional design and ease of use reflects positively on us as a real estate sales organization."

Peggy Fernandez, Owner/Broker
Town & Country Properties, Jacksonville, OR

"The website you designed for our church is terrific - more than we could have imagined it would be. You understood the potential for the site and helped us develop a coherent, organized format which would inform, inspire, and motivate visitors to the site - whether they be church members or those not familiar with us. It's easy to use and includes not only "regular" website features but very useful features such as printer-friendly text of all sermons and online audio of sermons. I'm convinced that, if there were anything else we wanted to include in the site, you would be able to do it. We're very thankful."

Carol Jacobs, Clerk of Session 2000-2001 
Westminster Presbyterian Church, Medford, OR

"Da-Roc wanted me to personally thank you for the excellent job you did on his website. He was VERY happy and wanted me to make sure that you knew it and that he appreciates the effort that was put into it. As the head of his label I appreciate it too; I only wish I had contracted you to do our label website as well! It is definitely not up to par with this one!! At any rate, we wish you the best of luck in your current and future endeavors and we hope to be doing more work with you in the future. Thanks!"

Roderick Palmer 
President, Renegade Records 2000

"Thanks for doing an excellent job!
The show looks and sound's great!!"

Bob Cotterell
President, Sonrise Music Company

"The Snap Directory team is pleased to inform you that a site you submitted to Snap LiveDirectory:
has distinguished itself as one of the most popular LiveDirectory sites in its category. In recognition, we have promoted the site to Snap's premium Directory, found at http://edition.snap.com

Each site in Snap's premium Directory has been independently reviewed by one of our editors and placed where it will be available both in the Top Web Sites section of search results and in our topic-based directory of Web listings.

Please accept our congratulations on your submitted site being including among the best sites on the Web!


The Snap Directory Team"

"Congratulations on some nice web work -- it was fun to browse a bit and see your clean, simple, and attractive designs. The church's web site is outstanding - I can know a lot about the kind of church family you have and the teaching you receive because of the thorough and easy-to-find info there. Thanks for including sermons!"

Bill Brandenstein, Music Minister, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, CA
writing about the Westminster Presbyterian Church website


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